Air Conditioning Service.

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Air Conditioning Service,
Repair & Fault Diagnoses,
Standard Vacuum & Recharge 
Both R-134a & R-1234yf Gas

UV Dye leak trace can also be added if there was no gas in the system.


 Your Vehicle Due A Car Air Conditioning Recharge ?

Your vehicles air conditioning system should be used all year round and recharged at least every 2-3 years, as you use the system over time, an average of 15% of coolant will be lost each year. In the gas there is also an oil, there for if the system is not regularly serviced problems can start to occur with the air conditioning. A regular vacuum of the system to recover the remaining gas and then the manufacturers 

specific amount of refrigerant 
recommended  for the vehicles air conditioning to operate efficiently can help prevent this.

 Does Your  Air Conditioning Smell ?

This is caused in the main by excessive bacteria being present on the air conditioning evaporator and inside the plastic casing usually surrounding it. Well, it is often the case that a recharge of the system will do the trick, however, should this not prove effective, it may be necessary to disinfect the system entirely. This can be achieved either on a DIY basis using a commercially available disinfectant aerosol spray, or through professional cleaning using an ultrasonic piezo device.